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Business Centrum Mikrotechna a.s. is a Czech development company, which in 2011 built upon the real estate activities of a company MIKROTECHNA s.r.o. MIKROTECHNA s.r.o. has been dealing with the real estate activities since 1997.

Our company has up to date finished several successful projects. All projects are financed from our own resources. We have no bank loans and no overdue payments. Our main asset is the careful preparation of each project, individual approach, project management from the start of to the finish with our own resources and perfect craftsmanship. In our project therefore, we do not work simultaneously on many other projects.

In our projects, we emphasize the use of high quality materials. Above-standard materials are used for floor coverings, tiling and we also install premium quality sanitary ware, doors and other interior elements.

As an example of our successful projects we can mention the 1st phase of construction in Prague - Lipence. This was an area with 20 family houses, which was finished and approved for use by authorities in the 4th quarter of 2008. This project was under our control from the beginning (elaboration of the study and project for the territorial decision) to the very end and we were the builder and also seller of each home.

At the beginning of 2011 we completed a polyfunctional house in Průhonice. On the ground floor of the house there is a ČSOB branch and luxury apartments in the house have all been sold.

In the autumn of 2013, the 2nd phase of construction in Lipenice in Jílovišťská Street was completed. The 4 row houses that were all sold up today.

In the spring of 2015, the third phase of construction in Lipence was completed, also in Jílovišťská Street. This project consisted of 2 luxury semi-detached vilas. All four apartments in these vilas are sold today.

Another project of our company which is a residential complex in Kateřinky, Na Křtině Str. in Prague 4. In the spring of 2016, the first phase of this project was completed and approved for use by authorities. This phase included building C with 12 apartments. All of the apartments are now sold.

Today we are in the phase of construction of the 2nd part of the residential complex in Kateřinky. This is an apartment building with 32 flats on 4 floors. This building has 2 separate entrances and is divided into 2 separate units in the above-ground part, which are connected in the basement level where are garages, cellars and technical rooms. The expected completion date is 2Q / 2019, as the contractual completion date we indicate the date 31.12.2019.

MIKROTECHNA s.r.o., after the establishment of the company Business Center Mikrotechna, deals with the property management and renting of all the real estate in its portfo.

Business Centrum Mikrotechna a.s., Barrandova 409, 143 00 Praha 4 - Modřany, tel +420 225 273 210, fax +420 225 273 211
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